Eating on Margarita Island

The Margarita Island It is my favorite place in Venezuela.

I was working over there these days and I took the opportunity to do what I like most in the universe: sit down to eat like the gods.

Neither It was that I dedicated myself to taste a thousand dishes during the entire trip. But I did have fun on several occasions.

A cream of guacuco a little bit of cornstarch and a fun snapper fried in Juan Griego were the dishes that, even when they were good, did not meet expectations. That, and the number of flies inside a room with air conditioning/fan. I do not remember the name of the restaurant, and it does not matter much either.

The next day, after the respective morning photographic day I had lunch in what is possibly the best restaurant on the island: La Casa de Rubén , in Porlamar.

They say that Mr. Rubén was the creator of the pooch cake, others a little more cautious clarify that he grabbed the original recipe and reinvented it to achieve the dish that we know today. Anyway, I did not eat pooch cake, I ordered some incredible calamari stuffed with ... chucho, accompanied by tostones and the best rice with chipi-chipi from the planet earth.

Before this dish, my lunch companions and I tasted an overly sympathetic casabe which I sickly improvised with a spicy sauce based on rocoto and carrot that you put on the table that has no explanation for the taste.

In addition, we ate a Catalan salad with margariteño tomato, super fresh, and as good tasting as everything the above.

All the dishes well presented, fresh ingredients, and the whole menu is super original, it's local gastronomy. And now, I do not promote the place anymore because Mr. Rubén has not hired me to advertise him ... yet ...

Another of the nice things I ate was a sea and wild risotto (monte = champiñones) at Trattoria La Romana. Good dish, with super concentrated flavors, perhaps a little too much the taste of the sea shells, but nothing that would be annoying. The only thing that was annoying was that they were good at bringing the food. Oh, and that right at that time it occurred to them to repair the emergency alarm that did not work, and of course, to repair it they had to make it sound 😀

I also ate other things, sushi on 2 occasions, Peruvian ceviche, and one day my belly hurt, I had a chicken breast with honey and mustard, normalonga. Nothing worthy of a photo, well the ceviche itself:

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